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iHITA 2023 Annual Conference Schedule
June 26, 2023 
The Toronto Metro Convention Centre
Room 501
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



 9:30-10:30am Welcome Reception & Opening Remarks
Sponsored by: Northern Arizona University
Special Thanks to Dr. Galen Collins


Investigating Post-Pandemic Traveler Behavioral Changes Among U.S. Consumers 
Ajay Aluri & Alicia Plemmons, both from Johns Chambers College of Business and Economics, West Virginia University


Service Robots and Hospitality Industry Employees: Perceptions and Responses
Halyna Horpynich, Trishna Mistry & Muhittin Cavusoglu, all from University of South Florida


Robot-Enhanced Experimental Restaurants: Expectations and Experiences of Modern Customers
Ainur Kenebayeva, Kazakh National Women's Pedagogical University, Rajibul Hasan, Maynooth University, Gainiya Tazhina, Kasah National Women's Pedagogical University, Muhittin Cavusoglu, University of South Florida & Assem Abdunurova, Kasakh National Women's Pedagogical University

11:45am—2:00pm Lunch Break (no-host lunch)


Does a Digital Disruptor Make Hotel Businesses Battlegrounds? Exploring the Impact of Airbnb on Small Accommodations Through a Panel Data Analysis
Taehyee Un, Minwoo Lee, both from University of Houston & Namho Chung, Kyung Hee University


Conversion to AI-Based Hotel Product Recommendations
Cristian Morosan, University of Houston


How Do Consumers Respond to Hotels' Sustainable Efforts? Towards Development of a Sustainability Index for the Lodging Industry Business- and User-Generated Content
Linchi Kwok, Ceirara Madrigal & Yu Sun, all from California State Polytechnic University Pomona


No Time for Technology: How Older Adults' Future Time Percepectives Affect Technology Coping
Hyekyung Park, Florida State University, Minwoo Lee & Ki-Joon Back, both from University of Houston

3:45—4:30pm Closing Remarks & Photo Ops
4:30—5:30pm Business Meeting (Executive Board and Members In Good-Standing)


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