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Mission Statement

The purpose of iHITA is to advance the interaction between information technology educators, vendors and users in the global hospitality industry with the goal of improving both the quality of education and the technology itself.


Our organization traces its roots back to an organization which was founded on January 26, 1992 by a group of hospitality educators, industry practitioners and Information Technology vendors. The desire was to advance the interaction between users, vendors and educators in the field of hospitality information technology with the goal of improving both the quality of education and the technology itself. Today, iHITA has members across the globe and enjoys the support of premier institutions and organizations dedicated to hospitality technology and education.


iHITA membership is made up of individuals from around the globe in a variety of technology related fields.  We are educators, industry leaders, policy makers, vendors, business owners, researchers, students, and other individuals interested in technology.  Our members are forward-looking colleagues who realize the importance of meeting, networking, sharing, mentoring and growing. If you share these aspirations, please join our dynamic group.

The iHITA logo

The current iHITA logo was created by Kyle Nalls.  The logo replaces the initial “i” with a human figure, relating to the interpersonal aspect of the association. Having the arms of the figure positioned behind the back communicates it’s readiness to serve. Also, by replacing the head with a globe shows the vast scope of the organization on an international scale.

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If you would like to contact us please send an email to info@ihita.org


contact us at info@ihita.org  

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